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Quality that bubbles from the tap. The IVARIO drinking water magazine has exciting news and interesting expertise on the subject of drinking water. Tips and tricks on the topic of water from the tap and high-quality information on the most important questions about German drinking water – explained effectively and in a way that is understandable even for the layperson.

The Drinking Water Ordinance ensures that the water we draw from the public drinking water network is absolutely safe. But where and why does contamination and pollution occur more frequently than we think? What about the quality of drinking water in Berlin, Hamburg and other major cities in Germany, and what are the benefits of kettles and drinking water filters?
Your questions and our answers about the most important food in the world – here in the magazine!

A water test …

provides quick assurance, but many people do not realise how important it is to check the quality of their own tap water or even the water from their own domestic well.

That’s why we get to the bottom of the most important questions about drinking water, because it is the most important food in the world: it keeps us healthy, but it can also cause us considerable harm if, for example, it is contaminated by heavy metals such as lead and copper, or even by germs and pathogens.

In order to provide clarity, here in the magazine we specifically answer the questions that concern you – including, for example, the topics:

Is my tap water safe to drink?
What should I do if old lead pipes are installed in my house?
What does the contamination of drinking water by heavy metals and bacteria mean for health?
Can tap water make people ill and how big can the effects be on the health of babies and small children?
How does a drinking water analysis for private households work, why is it so important and why should it be carried out regularly, especially when babies and small children live in the household?
What regulations and laws does the legislator stipulate when third parties (such as tenants) are provided with the water and at what point does responsibility pass from the drinking water supplier to the homeowner?

The answers to these and other questions are clearly explained by us – because your health depends not least on the quality of your drinking water.

Do you have a question about drinking water or water from your own domestic well, but we haven’t covered the topic here in the magazine yet?
Then we look forward to hearing from you!

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